Rev Pastor David Masters

David Masters joined the leadership team at Central Baptist in September 2003, aged 32. He brought with him a rich and varied Christian background, having become a Christian during his A-level years. Even then he felt God call him to service, but, in his own words, "as a spotty teenager with no church background, I shelved the idea because I thought no one would believe me!" David then went on train to be a Primary School teacher at St.Katherine's College in Liverpool and begun serving God by becoming the Prayer Secretary on the exec of his Christian Union.

David felt God call from Liverpool to Derby, where he used his gifts and experience as the sponsored worker for Chaddesden Gospel Hall, becoming the unofficial schools and youth worker for Derby City Mission. Here he had the opportunity of representing both organisations to the wider communities, particularly in schools, and even helped to lead an Operation Mobilisation team during "Love Derby". He then left Derbyshire to move to London, where he married Lesley, and they settled at Queen Street Baptist Church in Erith, Kent. 

During their time in Erith David served as a youth leader and deacon whilst working in administrative positions for 3 major companies: Chubb Alarms, The Legal Aid Board and Alcatel Submarine Networks. It was while he was here that God reminded David of his calling and he began the long ministerial recognition process. He undertook this initial training at Spurgeon's College whilst in placement at Socketts Heath Baptist Church, Grays, Essex. His training was focused on Church Planting & Evangelism, learning both the theory and the practise of modern ministry through a number of different churches. Though he was the Student pastor of Socketts Heath, he was released by the church to minister in all the Churches of the Grays cluster, but especially to Stifford Clays Baptist Church and St.Andrews Community Church - a Local Ecumenical Project working with the Methodists in Tilbury, Essex. 

During his time at Central, David has been working to help the church become the Shepherds Gate it wants to become, to develop this cavernous building in to a community space that will enable the church to introduce its regular users to the love of Jesus Christ. "We recognise Central's strategic position as the only major community space within the Polygon area, but also the limitations of being based in what is a very transient community of what has become a student village. The people that live here, permanently or just for the short term, are all important to God and we want to not just let them know that fact, but demonstrate it to them as well." 

David is married to Lesley, who has shown that she has infinite patience, not only for him but also their three sons - though Lesley can be heard to complain that she has four children and not three!


Central Baptist Church,
Southampton, SO15 2GY