We are keen to have the building as widely used by the public as possible and we currently have three separate halls that can be hired.

The Sanctuary

Our biggest hall, which is open plan and can seat around 300 people. With all that space available it is has been used for a number of different activities; rehearsal space for a number of rock bands, bring and buy / table top sales, party venue, conferences, fashions shows, art gallery and Solent University Drama Department use it as a rehearsal and presentation space. The hall is carpeted, with plenty of chairs and tables available as required.

Main Hall

The Main Hall

This is the hall that Central Baptist Church uses for its worship services. It can seat approximately 100 people, is the busiest of our halls and has provided a venue for a MIND drop in group, for Self Defence classes and a Weight Watchers group to name a few. This hall is carpeted, has a built in kitchen (which is great for serving refreshments) and has a built in PA system.



This is a large, carpeted and comfortably furnished room which can seat about 25 people. This has been used by Solent University and Southampton City Council as a venue for drop in events; we also host the Hampshire Blind and Partially Sighted Support Group and the Polygon Residents and Business meeting here as well.

We have plenty of chairs and tables to furnish these rooms according to your purpose, but we can also provide things like presentation equipment (flip chart, OHP, data projector) and refreshment stations as you have need.

We do have an hourly charge for each of these rooms, as the money helps offset the costs of maintaining this listed building, but this operates on a sliding scale. The longer and the more regularly that you use the hall, the more the hourly rate is reduced. This is to assist with our long term goal of making the Church a community space: we would rather see the building used than become rich! 

Please contact us to discuss availability and a rate that would suit you.  

Please note that this is a place of worship, so there are some limitations to the activities that can take place here.



Central Baptist Church,
Southampton, SO15 2GY